Mémoires d’un fou (Memoirs of a Madman)

Artists are compelled to create literary reflections of their own lives as much by the need for a thorough personal reckoning as by the desire to weave their (variously stylized) image into history. Each time this is done, an entirely new reality is created. Through the careful selection and arrangement of information, writers establish order within this fleeting process, thereby conveying the illusion that, despite the circumstances, they were “formed” naturally, like a fascinating natural phenomenon. The tension between “truth and poem” that characterises a writer’s own life story also forms the foundation of the autobiographical novel - a genre which draws on the writer’s personal experiences (or, at least, lends them a voice) and blurs the line between lived experiences and fictionalised tales.

Subject: Others
Author: Flaubert, Gustave
Title: Mémoires d’un fou (Memoirs of a Madman)
Date: 1912
Place of publication: Prague
Publisher: Kamilla Neumannová
Origin: Library of Josef Portman
Licence: Free license

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