Immortal Drinkers

Interest in the artist’s personality stimulated the development of the modern biographical essay form. Biographical information, still predominant in the older portraits by Arbes, was supplemented in this form by a key analysis of the work and confirmed, in accordance with the Romantic concept, the artist’s exclusivity, his feeling of being out of synch with modern times, and his devotion to the artistic ideal. Essayists inspired by the work (e.g. Procházka in his “artistic” essays) often paraphrased it and deduced from it the artist’s psychology representing Bourget’s “spirit of the age”. At the same time, they often formulated their own artistic programme or reflected upon art more personally, e.g. Rilke in his lectures on Rodin.

Subject: Others
Author: Arbes, Jakub
Title: Immortal Drinkers
Date: 1902
Place of publication: Prague
Publisher: J. Otto
Origin: acquired in 1970
Licence: Free license

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