Deciduous Forest

František Kobliha’s numerous studies of the forest environment include captivating views of hidden corners. Although the artist usually drew them en plein air, these mysterious secluded places, made up of tangled mazes of trees, shrubs, grasses and rocks, seem quite inaccessible. It looks as though no human had set foot in them for a long time. Their constrained nature refers to the depth and concentration of the artist's inner life, and seem to mirror its most private, unnameable recesses. At the same time, however, they stand in contrast with the disintegration of modern man and symbolise long-lost dreamlands.

Subject: Others
Author: Kobliha, František
Title: Deciduous Forest
Date: undated
Technique: charcoal and chalk on paper
Dimensions: 59,6 × 43,2 cm
Origin: Karásek Gallery Collection
Licence: Free license

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