Title page of the book Walled Windows by Jiří Karásek of Lvovice

František Kobliha illustrated numerous literary works using imaginary landscapes, comprised of a variety of botanical elements. These depictions – often merely disordered clusters of stalks, flowers, or leaves, and occasionally more distinct scenes like jungles, rainforests, or gardens – captured the unique atmosphere and emotional tone of the literary works. They also offered a glimpse of the printmaker’s inner self and his interpretation of the texts. However, by integrating factual or zoomorphic motifs into these botanical scenes and subtly suggesting the existence of hidden creatures within the floral compositions, he prompted a re-evaluation of the depicted scenes. This encouraged readers to engage in more careful reading, thereby helping the writer’s message to truly come alive and bring about transformation.

Subject: Others
Author: Kobliha, František
Title: Title page of the book Walled Windows by Jiří Karásek of Lvovice
Date: 1912
Place of publication: Prague
Technique: woodcut on tissue paper
Dimensions: 19 × 13.7 cm
Origin: Karásek Gallery Collection
Licence: Free license

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