Walled Windows

Landscape in Blue

All that was green is cold and altered
Clad in the shades of fawning blue
On a mild slope, the spilt land falters
In purple vapours’ bitter hue

And in that breath, all soft and dreamy,
the lines that once were sharp seem dulled.
And the curvy trees on the horizon,
Are like blue droplets of paint dripped from a brush

Always a strange mood befalls me,
when evening stillness creeps across the land,
Where blue song resounds in the cool air
so cajoling yet so full of bitterness:

In the lamps’ blue shade it seems I’m treading
softly on sacred ledger stones,
and the air, suffused with sighs repentant,
breathes with the gloomy charm of purple robes.

Subject: Others
Author: Karásek, Jiří
Title: Walled Windows
Date: 1894
Place of publication: Velké Meziříčí
Publisher: Nakladatelství Šaška a Frgala
Origin: fond svozy
Licence: Free license

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