Mercy Endures

This trio of drawings by František Kaván depict three different mental landscapes. Krajina v modrém features a distinctive body of water and was probably inspired by the poetic landscape painting of the same name by Jiří Karásek, both dissolves and sharpens in the blue light effects evoking the mysterious movements of the soul. The two remaining drawings explicitly spiritualise their natural tableau. Milosrdenství přetrvá places the ambiguous figure of an angel within a timeless landscape featuring a rural cemetery. The angel is both a statue and true messenger of God, while Stezka altruismu, which depicts a storm over a cart track, allegorises the approach to life indicated by the title.

Subject: Others
Author: Kaván, František
Title: Mercy Endures
Date: 1897
Technique: tempera on paper
Dimensions: 36 × 51 cm
Origin: Karásek Gallery fonds
Licence: Free license

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